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Annual Function – Aarohanam-2023 The Saga of Global Harmony – Doon Valley Public School

Annual Function – Aarohanam-2023 The Saga of Global Harmony

                                                                        Experience the Splendor of Aarohanam: Doon Valley Public School’s Annual Celebration

Embark on a journey of global harmony, peace, and unity as Doon Valley Public School proudly presents its Annual Day Function, Aarohanam. This two-day fiesta, held on the 8th and 9th, mesmerized a 2000-strong audience of parents each day, showcasing talents from students in classes One to Twelve under the theme, “The Saga of Global Harmony.”

**Distinguished Guests and Applauds**

Revered Chief Guest for Day 1, Mr. Manmohan Sharma (DC, Solan), and distinguished Chief Guest, Justice Rajiv Sharma,on Day 2 commended the meticulous brilliance of our students. They attributed this success to the visionary leadership of Managing Director Mr. Rajeev Sharma, the mentorship of the Principal, and the unwavering dedication of our esteemed staff.

**Powerful Messages Through Performances**

Our students passionately addressed the pressing issue of social media’s impact on society, emerging as ambassadors of change. The performances conveyed a powerful message of a unified world, emphasizing global peace and harmony.

**An Extravaganza of Cultural Delights**

The stage came alive with festive dances, international tunes, bhagra, and a collective message of “One World, One Family.” The 700  participants each day left an indelible mark, swaying everyone with their euphoric presentations.

**Closing with Grandeur on Day 2**

As the Day 2 closure function unfolded, Doon Valley Public School continued to set a high standard for educational celebrations. The event stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering global unity and harmony, resonating with the theme of a unified world.

                                                      Aarohanam – where excellence meets celebration!

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