Senior Secondary

Classes XI & XII


According to CBSE’s official system, class 11 and 12 is integrated programme in which students can choose from a maximum of 6 subjects with a minimum of 5. Students can choose any combination of one language and four electives as long as they are offered at the institution.

MEDICAL English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, PE/IT/MUSIC
NON MEDICAL English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths , PE/IT/MUSIC
COMMERCE English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics , PE/IT/MUSIC
HUMANITIES English, History, Political Science , Economics , PE/IT/MUSIC

Remedial support is given at every stage wherever felt necessary in which personal attention is given to the childs weak areas.

Along with the regular classes there are parallel classes arranged for those who require special attention in the subject like Mathematics, English and Hindi. In addition to these Parallel classes which run simultaneously, special attention is paid to the children in the remedial classes in the afternoon which helps them to overcome their difficulties related to Academics.