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Faculty – Doon Valley Public School



Ms. Kusum Sharma

From the day of her joining in year 2001 she has been the most dedicated , hardworking and responsible Examination and CBSE Incharge.

Ms. Mamta Sharma

working as a librarian since 2003 has immense love for books & beloved of children because of her cheerful and interesting personality.

Mr. Jaswinder

has joined the school in 2004 and has always been a source of pride for the school due to his hard work and exceptional work style.

Dr. Rajeev Pathania

working since 2007 is the man of music establishing culture and ethics in the school. Has successfully represented the school at national and international forums.

Ms. Manisha Nandini

who is serious about the subject and understands the shortcomings and strengths of every student, has been devoted to the school since 2009.

Ms. Manisha Thakur

has always been respected for her melodious style of speech, essence of language and credulous hold on the subject since 2013.

Ms. Shaveta Kaushal

the numeric master, gives special importance to the mental and intellectual development of the students since 2010 along with being complete in the subject.

Mr Sandeep Kaushal

Is the master of disciplined personality and rational intelligence, excellent subject knowledge & strong reading style since 2013

Mr. Sanjay Sohil

Senior Accounts Manager is knowledgeable in all matters related to commerce, his loyalty and honesty has always been respected by the school from 2006 ,his initial years.