About Us

About Us

Lush green ,sprawling , self-contained campus located in a beautiful valley on the foothills of Himachal in about 9155 sq m creates a serene and peaceful learning is laid so that our students develop their ethics ,morals ,vocabulary and spirit to work towards excellence.

A zealous faculty, a highly motivated and brilliant student community, excellent technical and supporting staff and an effective administration have all contributed to make our school different from other. The Institute is proud to bear the laureate of being No.1 school of Himachal for consecutively for three years and peaceful learning is laid so that our students develop their ethics, ,morals ,vocabulary and spirit to work towards excellence which helps to distinguish DVPians him from the average next door students due to the creativity and brevity instilled .



Doon Valley Public School: The gateway to academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular excellence. Our Explore, Innovate, and Evolve approach supports our motto of Learn, Love, and Labour. Our facilities are equipped with ICT, sports infrastructure, and innovative modules. Students discover their unique skills through Cambridge University Press and  Well Being programs, with an exposure to language enrichment in Wordsworth lab, innovation in ATL and conversant knowledge by interactive panels & extramarks. Our school is built in harmony with nature, optimizing resource consumption. Join our team and live with a belief in life as a team sport.