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NCC / NSS – Doon Valley Public School


National Service Scheme

The students of DVPS get enrolled every year under National Service Scheme (NSS) with the motto of NOT ME BUT YOU.

The NSS wing organises various activities to channelize the energy and idealism of the younger generation like plantations drive, distribution of books and clothes to the unprivileged sections of society.

NSS volunteers at DVPS, actively follow a rigid regime which helps them to develop a decorum in their social and personal life.
To combat with various natural disasters mock drills are organised such as earthquake and fire evacuation drills.

Students of DVPS also spread awareness among common people about significant issues through street plays. A special Camp for NSS Volunteers is conducted every year. The camp is organised for a week with the facility of lodging and boarding.

National Cadet Corps

 National Cadet Corps at DVPS is functioning under the guidance of 1HP Bn. NCC Solan with a motto of Unity and Discipline

The NCC training includes basic military training to the cadets as a part of curriculum and prepares them to lead a disciplined life and to pursue a career in armed forces.

As a part of Institutional Training, a camp is organised in the month of June where cadets learn team work, leadership qualities, self-confidence and self-reliance. Adventure training in the NCC provides knowledge to cadets of the topography as well as experience of different weather conditions and adventurous living under camp conditions. The whole aim is to inculcate a spirit of adventure, explorative inquisitiveness, develop stamina, endurance, discipline, courage, determination,, team spirit and spirit-de- corps amongst NCC cadets. The DVPians go for Annual camps , regular drills, cleanliness & plantation drives ,rallies to inculcate the sense of duty towards school ,society, & nation